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AKC Miniature American Shepherds

About Bar D Kennel

We have raised working Australian Shepherds for over 30 years, and Champion Miniature Australian Shepherds for the last several years. We like our Mini Aussies to work, win in the show ring, but of utmost importance they must be a good, healthy pet.

We do health testing as our breeding dogs become old enough, and are very proud of the testing we have completed. Some of the testing we have done on our dogs are: PRA/prcd, CEA, MDR1, HC, DM, OFA hips elbows and patellas, and CERF. We have now followed the journey of Mini Aussies into AKC, and they are now called Miniature American Shepherds. The registries we are affiliated with are: Primarily American Kennel Club, NAMASCUSA, & United Kennel Club. Dogs we will took into the AKC & UKC are called Miniature American Shepherds. ND

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