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Our Aussie Past

Bar D Kennel’s Aussie Past

Spring 1988

A "Tika" puppy "Cinch" he had great "eye".

A litter of "Tika" puppies aprox. '88

"Scotch" The single puppy, that disappeared

"Bar LW Tequila Sunrise" Approx. 1992

"Bar LW Sis Scout" 2009

Bar D Kennel's Aussie Past

We bought our first Australian Shepherd female in 1985. Bar LW Tequila Sunrise, dam of HOF WTCH Bar Lw Inspired Blue, was our oldest daughter Kristi’s best friend. We can still google Tika’s name, and get a bunch of links.

Her Sire, “Bar LW Whiskey Joe” was sired by “Taylor’s Escalante of Las Rocosa” Her dam”Las Rocosa Sherry Delight”, was sired by the famed “Las Rocosa Little Wolf” who is a third-generation Hall of Fame Sire.

Kristi & Tika got into quite a bit of trouble together. Wade Carter, a good friend, and acclaimed working dog trainer, co-owned and helped with us on breeding and training our puppies.

“Tika” was known as one of the toughest working females anyone had ever seen. She had a steer step on her foot once and it broke her foot. Even with a cast, she could climb out of the vet clinic’s kennel. Tika and her puppies had amazing “eye” and absolutely no fear. She was so intelligent, we had a hard time keeping her in a kennel of any kind. She also did a little damage to my registered Suffolk sheep herd. We were able to cure her of that bad habit, with the help of an honery old ewe we had. Kerry worked as a manager of a registered cattle herd and feedlot.

He worked Tika all day every day. Tika was like having another cowboy. She had been bred, but we thought she hadn’t taken. Kerry got home after working a 12 hour day with Tika and the next morning, she had one puppy!!! At 7 weeks, someone stole that puppy “Scotch” out of our back yard. Several of her puppies titled in ASCA Stock Dog competitions.

After Tika died at 9 years old, we tried replacing her. We found her full sister, “Bar LW Ty One On”, who was almost as intense about working as Tika. However, Ty liked to herd our horses. She was kicked in the jaw breaking it completely. She spent almost a week at the vets waiting to be treated. By the time they got around to setting it, it didn’t heal right. She never did completely heal. With small children around and her jaw that was always infected, we made the decision to give her back to Wade for a brood bitch.

Fast forward about 15 years… We tried every kind of farm dog that was out there. Our friend gave us 2 aussies that were awesome. We really wanted to have registered dogs again, so we started our search. Wade was not breeding dogs anymore, so we looked further.

When we heard about the Mini Aussies, we decided that was the direction we would go. Our standard aussies were always smaller dogs, so it seemed natural. Well, that being said, we were very excited to get our first minis!!! That was quite a few minis ago!!! Those first minis are long gone, we have learned a lot.

A few years ago we realized our neighbor had a red tri aussie female that went back to our female “Bar LW Ty One On”. “Bar LW Sis Scout” was a granddaughter of Ty, and a daughter of Hall of Fame Sire WTCH CROWN POINT INSPIRATOR BAR LW RDcs RTDcs better know as “Spir” (video below) . Being a small female, we made an agreement to breed my first mini aussie stud “Coat Tail’s Blue Pocket” to Sis. We repeated that cross twice. This last year Sis, at over age 9, disappeared. Her owner has no idea where she is…

As a result of that Blue X Sis cross, I have my “Despain’s Lacie Blue Coat”. She is a sweet dog, that actually tried to nurse my grandson when he was 6 months old when she had puppies that were about 2 weeks old.

We crossed Lacie to Cruiser. These big dogs (in the mini world) have produced a little female we kept and call “Despain’s Tator Tot Cruise N By You”. She is only about 13″ tall. We are trying to encourage her working instinct.

Thanks for reading our story!

– Nannette

"Cinch" as a pup Kristi & Jessica

"Bar LW Tequila Sunrise's" grandsire Ch "Las Rocosa Little Wolf" , STD CD Third generation Hall of Fame Sire

Spring 1988

A "Tika" puppy "Cinch" he had great "eye".

A litter of "Tika" puppies aprox. '88

"Scotch" The single puppy, that disappeared

"Bar LW Tequila Sunrise" Approx. 1992

"Bar LW Sis Scout" 2009

"Bar LW Ty One On" & Terra

"Tika" And Jessica

"Ty" Kristi & Jessica

"Ty" & Girls

"Buster", "Bailey" & Kayden

"Sierra Cherry Coke Despain" Buster's sister. She scared people when she smiled!!!

"Despain's Bar D Cosmic Beauty Bianca" "Lacie" x "Cosmo" daughter.

Another "Sis" Puppy Do you think they work? Hmm...

Isabella as an adult!!! A "Blue" X "Sis" pup

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